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Florida Panhandle Trip

  • Thu, December 27, 2018
  • 3:00 PM
  • Tue, January 01, 2019
  • 3:00 PM
  • Northeast Florida, near St Marks National Wildlife Refuge

The FL backwaters trip has been happening for 30+ years and is always a favorite. This year, we are headed to the FL Panhandle, south of Tallahassee in the Wakulla area.

Updates: Hurricane Micheal hit the area.  The campground is up and running. Reports for the rivers look good.  There are a few rivers that are wide and anything goes, on the smaller rivers there may be obstructions, so be prepared for portages. There may be a group that may venture further out to help do a clean-up of Hurricane damage, such as logs and such.  

Here is the basic plan:

  - Dates: December 27th through January 1st.  

     -- Meet up at campground evening of Dec 27th-If you guys want to get together and share heavy Hors D'ouevres, please do.  Bring your own plate, glass, and eating utensils. Please do this for all meal gathers.   

  - Campground: Newport Campground, Hwy 98, Crawfordville, FL

       -- Link:

       --The campground is full now, call Pat Carver at 423 304-6519 if you are interested in going. We may be able to double up on campsites. Hotels arrangements are on your own, possibly 8 miles away. 


      -- Rates for RV spots are $27 per night (Full H/U), $22 (Water/Elec), $11 (Primitive)

I've made several reservations in my name for tent camping, if you did not make reservation in your name for a campsite, please see me!!!!! If you've made reservations and they have your name you're good to check in.  Hopefully you know who you are.

      -- Beware:  They only take cash or checks, no credit cards.  Pay at the door when you arrive.

      Rivers being planned: 

     - Wakulla River-

         Edward Ball State Park is not a river, but a great place to visit.  It's the spring

         head for the Wakulla River

     -- St Marks River (couple different sections being looked at)

     -- Econfina River 

     -- Wacissa River.  - 


     -- Aucilla River (Saturday paddle Class I/II)


     Most any boat will work. If you plan to use your whitewater boat be prepared to get in and out of your boat for portages if necessary, and  if using a sea kayak be sure you have good boat control for the narrower rivers.  The Aucilla River, depending on water level could have a class I/II rapid.  Something in the 10-12' range is best, but anything you can paddle competently is the correct answer.

                --------Rails to Trails------BIKE TRAIL------Bring a bike-----

     If you're interested in biking, St. Marks Wildlife refugee is a great place to ride, and the St. Marks Rails to trails is close by.

         If interested: Contact me,  Pat Carver at or 423 304-6519.  Leave your name, phone number, and email. I will add you to the list and make sure updates are sent.  Any specific questions, feel free to ask. I will be headed to Panama City before Christmas and internet and phone service can be sketchy. I will also be staying longer than January 1st if you possible may be interested exploring the area more.  If you can't get a hold of me, Carolyn Rand should have the information.


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