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Register: Ocoee River Race, October 13, 2018

  • Sat, September 01, 2018
  • 9:00 AM
  • Wed, October 10, 2018
  • 11:30 PM
  • Ocoee River
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Registration is closed

10th Annual TVCC Ocoee River Race benefiting Team River Runner Chattanooga  -  Racers and Volunteers

Come join the fun! ... As a racer, as a spectator, as a volunteer, as a supporter!   The auction alone is worth the price of admission!

LAST DAY TO ORDER  was  8 October at 3:15 PM.  If you want  a shirt yuou must come to Race Check-In at Ocoee River  at 9 AM Ocotber 13th, or to the After Party at Adventures Unlimited, The Bus Bar at 6 PM.

RACE COURSE:  The race course is on the middle Ocoee from the put in eddy to just below Powerhouse rapid.  Paddlers will be released at 30 second to one minute 30 second  intervals.  Any person leaving the eddy prematurely will be disqualified. Finish time will be determined when the paddler tags the time keeper raft with their kayak.  The time keeper raft will be in the river right eddy below Powerhouse rapid.  Verify your race number with a time keeper before continuing down to the takeout.  The winner in each division will be determined by fastest time.  In order to comply with our Forest Service Permits, we ask for racers to paddle down to the private boater takeout. 

PLEASE RETURN YOUR RACE BIB TO THE RAFT FOLLOWING THE FINISH LINE.  Any paddler not returning their racing bib will be disqualified from awards and will be banned from all future TVCC Ocoee Races. 

RACE DIVISIONS:  In the spirit of amateur competition, all professional, sponsored, and members of any paddling race team must race in the elite division.  Long boats are defined as any kayak >9’4” or over in length or any open boat 9’3” or over in length. (i.e.: Short boats max length is 9" 4").

Race divisions include:

 - Elite Men’s Long Boat

 - Elite Men’s Short boat 

 - Elite Women’s Long Boat* 

 - Men’s Long Boat 

 - Women’s Long Boat 

 - Men’s Short Boat 

 - Women’s Short Boat

 - OC1 Long Boat 

 - OC1 Short boat 

 - C-1  

 - Hand Paddles (short boat only) 

 - Tandem** 

 - Tandem-Adult / Child** (Child is  < 18 years old on Race Day)

 - SUP

 - Shredder

 - Raft (3-6 crew members)

 NOTES about race divisions:  Paddlers who do not fit into one of the above divisions will race for time only. Additional divisions can be made if more than 3 racers of that craft pre-register.

     *This class may be combined with Women’s Longboat if less than 3 boaters pre-register.

     **Tandem partners racing ONLY in the tandem class do not require a separate registration

NOTES for Volunteers only: Under the Race Divisions on the Registratin Form, select, "NONE, I am a Volunteer Only".  For your first Boat Choice enter "None".

For All Volunteers:  If you plan to volunteer, select the options that work for you.  here are the general areas and timeframes for race volunteers:

   Registration     7:45 am - 11:00 am (At Commercial Put-In)

   - Race Timing -  9:30 am - End of race (At Commercial Put-In and Finish Line)

    - Data Entry :    10:30 am - completion (At Finish Line)

    - Bib Collection: 11:00 am - completion (At Finish Line) 

    - After Party:       4:30 pm - 11:30pm (At Bus Bar, Adventures Unlimited)

REGISTRATION: Pre-registration is REQUIRED!   Club membership must be current and pre-paid by PayPal, Check, or Credit Card. Race day registration will be granted only if we have not met the cap on number of racers. The race is free for all paid club members with current TVCC membership.  You must be a club member to race.  Membership applications can be completed at

Racers can race in up to two divisions only. Long boats will race first, followed by short boats, then second classes.  There will be a cap of 125 racers, so please pre-register for a spot!

Junior participants (less than 18 yrs old on race date) must have a parent/guardian present on race day.

TVCC reserves the right to deny race entry to any paddler for any reason. 

SAFETY:  All paddlers competing in the race must wear an approved PFD and helmet.  All boats are required to have appropriate flotation.  On-water safety will be set up along the river at key locations.  See course map at race day registration.

AWARDS CEREMONY AND AFTER PARTY:  Awards for first, second, and third place will be given out for each division.  Festivities begin at 6:00pm a the Bus Bar at Adventures Unlimited in Ocoee, TN.  The race after party is a benefit for Team River Runner-Chattanooga ( with an entry fee of $5 for entry only or $10 with free beer (until kegs are empty).

9:00-10:30  Check-in and number pick up at the upper parking lot at the middle put in.
10:30          Mandatory pre-race safety meeting and updated race information will be provided.

11:00          Racing begins

6:00            After party benefiting Team River Runner at the Bus Bar at Adventures Unlimited

QUESTIONS:  Direct all questions to Jen Maxwell at

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