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Tallulah River Gorge (IV+)

  • Sat, April 09, 2016
  • Tallulah Falls, GA

This years trip will be on the Fest weekend.

We have campsite #6 reserved at Chatooga River Resort.

I also plan to paddle Section IV on Friday morning.

Come join us!!



TVCC's Tallulah trip

First things first.

Tallulah is a very demanding river.

It starts with the dreaded hike to the stairs that no one seams to talk about. It's pretty close to a quarter mile with one set of stairs going down to cross under the road and then back up just 50 feet from where you went down. You are not allowed to walk across the road!! You have to go under.

Ps. Don't forget to have your waiver filled out and in your hand. You won't get on the stairs with out it.


You have to man handle or woman handle your kayak down 600 some odd stairs, that is just wide enough for you and your kayak. There is a possibility of the putin getting backed up and having to stand in line on the stairs. When you get to the bottom you will have time to recoup some energy and watch as the people before you run the first rapid. Which is called The Last Step. You will see clean lines ,not so clean lines and the occasional swim/beat down. The rapid looks flat from above , but from the seat of your kayak you can't see past the first small drop.


Once you get in the Gorge you are pretty much to the point of no return. You can hike out at Bridal Veil , but I don't recommend it. The hike is worse than what ever the river can dish out.


All the rapids except Last Step, Oceana and Tanners Boof are extremely hard If not impossible to scout. This makes the run mentally challenging. It's pretty much class 4 read and run the whole way down.


Oceana is the fastest you will ever go in a human propelled watercraft. There has probably been more accidents trying to walk this rapid than running it. I will suggest that you run it.


The Gauntlet

This rapid has this name for a reason.

It's a little less than a half mile long of non stop boofing, rock dodging , bracing and hole punching.

If that wasn't enough, it ends on the wrong side of Bridal Veil.

Bride is the probably the easiest and most dangerous rapid on the river. The hole on the right side will keep you and not let you go, but As long as you're up right and in control the move to the left is very easy. The long slide into a Boof on the left is awesome.


Tom's Brain Buster

Yeah, that's what will happen if you're upside down at the end.


Lake paddle

Bring beer for the Lake paddle, it's beautiful.

Rinse repeat and do it again.

I didn't mention all the Rapids, just the ones that have serious consequences.

Tallulah is a awesome place. The Run is short and steep and will punish you and your crew if you're not ready.

If you are ready, it will be one of your favorite times of the year.

If all this sounds fun to you.

Come join us this April 8-9

We will camp at Chatooga River Resort.

(It's run and owned by a boater)

(And they have a bar)

First timers on the 500cfs Saturday release

Sunday is 700cfs if you feel that Saturday wasn't enough

I reserve the right to tell you that you're not ready.

I plan to paddle Chattooga Friday morning.

Gimme a shout,



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