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Training Trip #11: Upper Green

  • Sun, August 21, 2016
  • 8:30 AM
  • Green River, NC

Must contact: John Hubbard- 423.432.9748

Here is some information to get you thinking about this trip and coming on it.

It is back to back with the Pigeon trip on Saturday for a reason. The Upper Green is close to Hendersonville, NC and is almost 250 miles and right at 4 hours drive time from Chattanooga via I75, I40, and I26.  So if you come on the Pigeon trip Saturday then you are about 70 miles and 90 minutes from the Upper Green via the rest of I40 and then I26.

The release for the Green typically is in the morning from 7 or 8a to 11 or 12 noon.  So we need to put on by about an hour into the release as the putin is right at the powerhouse (Tuxedo powerhouse) where the release starts.

AW says the river is a class II-III+ run with two main drops that are rated III+/IV that we will scout and walk or run as each decides.  Read for yourself.
The release schedule is given only 3 days in advance.  But I talked to several that know the river and weekend releases are very regular (like the weekend before mostly) as long as no severe drought.

I will monitor and post more early the week of the trip and then again later in the week.
I recommend coming on the Pigeon trip and then camp or motel that night and then come to the putin.  I will look into camping near the Green.  There is plenty of camping at the Pigeon (such as at Big Creek Expeditions at the Pigeon takeout).  But then you need to be up and driving before 7a to be sure to get to the putin by 8:30a.

At this point the timing will be meet 8:30a at the putin, set shuttle and then put on by an hour and a half after the release starts, by 9:30 latest.  Better is one hour after the release starts, like 9a.
To get to the putin, take I26 south from I40 to exit 54 (Saluda, East Flat Rock).  Then go east on connector to highway 176, Spartanburg Hwy).  Go east on 176 for right at 2 miles, then turn sharply left on to Pot Shoals Rd.  Go about 3/4th mile to the putin.  Cross small bridge at the powerhouse and immediately turn left into river parking lot.

I will be on the Pigeon trip and lead the caravan to the putin.

Give me a call or text 423-432-9748 to let me know you are coming.

One more thing.  The putin is right at the rivers edge.  For the takeout, you have a half mile lug uphill to the car(s).  Not a steep climb, just continuous.  My memory is that it is gradual and plenty doable, but a bit of a workout. Think of hiking out at the LRC Chairlift putin and you will get the idea.

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